Our Mission in Costa Rica

Thanks for dropping in to see what is up on our site here at Techos Siglo 21 and Montana Paraiso.

For those not up on their Spanish that translates as 21st Century Homes and Mountain Paradise.

Much of the information on the site got started as a simple report for our own clients to know what it is that we are trying to accomplish in our lives here in Costa Rica as unique builders with some strange ideas of building Green Homes.  As I did more inspections and more contracts trying to help owners deal with many and varying issues in their homes this small report took on a life of its own as  I started writing about my experiences and making comparisons as to how construction should be done on a World Class level with particular emphasis towards tropical conditions and problems that are unique to each and every climatic zone.  What you see here today is well over a year of writing, documenting and taking pictures to help consumers make better decisions before they find themselves behind the eight ball. I hope you find our site helpful and informative.

Trevor Chilton

About Trevor

I have lived in Costa Rica for 14 years and have been active in real estate development over that period and construction in general. I am a qualified Journeyman carpenter and cabinetmaker from Canada. My current focus project is building custom green homes and housing packages all built out of Magnesium Oxide SIPs.

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