Keeping Termites Out of Your Home & Use of Melina Wood


Use of Melina Wood Species in Termite Zones

Hello my name is Juan  Saborio and I work in fumigation or extermination of all kinds of insects inside or outside your home as well as soil fumigation pre or post-construction to prevent subterranean termites or moths. This work is done in order to prevent termites from causing harm as well it is important to know how to choose a good wood to use in the first place so as to save money and time.  I would like to share my experience in pest control or treatment in all types of wood like melina, first we discuss the treatment of the soil :

Antitermite preventive treatment at Preconstruction

The principle behind the chemistry is to form a barrier between land and building through the implementation of a quality powerful termicide that repels the termites from entering the treated area. It is important to apply sufficient amount of product per square meter to establish a protective barrier around the foundation.



HORIZONTAL BARRIER: In general you should apply to  trenches and foundation trenches the termicide before pouring concrete or forms. After making the foundation the termicide mixture is applied in the areas before starting to build flats, terraces, patios and platforms at a dose of usually 2 liters of mixture to .05 or 1% emulsion per square meter.


VERTICAL BARRIERS: You must form a chemical barrier in areas such as around the base of foundations, plumbing entries, entries of PVC pipe and drainage, backfill soil against walls.


This species is recognized for its potential in the recovery of ecosystems and the environment, in fact it is considered one of the best species for future growth and commercial success.

The possible reduction of raw materials in the future, given the limitations on the use of forests and environmental degradation has arisen in the industrial sector the need for alternatives to meet their production sources.  In this sense, thanks to its rapid growth,  estimated at 12 to 15 years, Melina has become in the last 2 decades a favored species to develop projects as industrial forest plantations.  It is now competing with other fine woods due to its elasticity and manageability which  make it suitable for use in all types of furniture, boat parts, floors, terraces etc …  It is also 100% recommended for homes for its bitter properties that make it a far less than favorable wood to the palate of the termite army (moderately ) as well as being resistant to moisture.

So consider how important it is to not only choose a good wood in the first place,  I recommend Melina as an excellent choice plus of course treating your soil to prevent subterranean termite from ever getting in for lunch in the first place.  I recommend Trevor who can advise you best in what woods are most resistant and suitable to be used to build with.

In my professional experience, as a fumigator in an area of the country that has lots of termites, I can add to this that I have never ever had to treat Melina in any home that has suffered from a Termite infestation.  Many other woods yes but not Melina.

Post Construction Treatment

In order to provide antitermite post-construction treatment, we apply a product  around the house in front of the foundation, forming a chemical wall or a protective shield around your home.  This chemical barrier is applied to a depth of 30cm by 20cm (12 x 8″) wide and should be done at least once a year to protect your home from these underground insects.

Now, when your house is being built there are many bugs that can enter during this building process so it is necessary that you see that the building is ready, I recommend  fumigating inside and outside in order to prevent breeding of all types of insects such as cockroaches, spiders, ants … and it is advisable to fumigate your home every 6 months at most to keep completely clean of pests, although each house will vary according to location.

Besides using high quality chemicals backed by agronomists and the CoopeAgri company experts in all types of chemical and organic products to care for your home, we use fully organic products to control pests in your home and we offer disinfection of your home with these products, such as  beds, chairs, kitchen, upholstery of your car … Through this process we eliminate all bacteria, mites and other microbes that set up inside your home along with associated odors. This sanitizing could be applied every 4 months or included in a single package insect extermination, termite prevention and disinfecting your home as mentioned above.

If you want to protect your home and keep it clean of termites and other insects I can be reached at 8440-1703

or email:

About Trevor

I have lived in Costa Rica for 19 years and have been active in real estate development over that period and construction in general. I am a qualified Journeyman carpenter and cabinetmaker from Canada. My current focus project is building custom green homes and housing packages all built out of SIPs or Structural Insulated Panels.

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