Innovative Thinking – Where does that get you?

I am a devout follower of Seth Godin, who is in my opinion and many others, one of the best critical thinkers of our time.  Today this was his message that I thought I should share first and then relate as to how and why this message hit a serious cord with me.

“Oh, that’s just a hack someone put together…”

Just about all the big decisions, innovations and perfect solutions around you didn’t start that way.

They weren’t the result of a ten-person committee, carefully considering all options, testing the reasonable ones and putting in place a top-down implementation that went flawlessly.

[The idea behind Amazon, the Mailchimp logo, the medical approach to childhood leukemia, the cell phone, the microwave oven, ethical email marketing, Johnny B. Goode, the Super Bowl, Kiva, Buffalo chicken wings…]

No, they were the result of one person, a person in a jam or a hurry or somewhat inspired. One person flipping a coin or tweaking a little bit more or saying, “this might not work” and then taking a leap.

Inventing isn’t the hard part. The ideas that change the world are changing the world because someone cared enough to stick it out, to cajole and lead and evolve. But even though the inventing isn’t the hard part, it scares us away.

Before you tell yourself you have no right to invent this or improve that, remind yourself that the person before you had no right either, but did it anyway.

From: Seth Godin <>

Subject: Seth’s Blog : “Oh, that’s just a hack someone put together…”

Date: August 7, 2013 4:29:00 AM CST

I just got off the phone with a perspective client then went and read this interesting piece.  This so struck a chord as to what our business and mission here at Techos Siglo 21 is all about, that I felt I should share that with all our readers and future clients.

As I had just told Regina during our conversation that relates to this, “Michael and I are indeed old dogs in the construction game but what makes us so different from our contemporaries here in Costa Rica is that even with all our experience we are constantly striving to move forward.  We are constantly doing this, along with Oscar our architect, to find better ways to make a better home. Whether that be better materials and more efficient methods so as to reduce the labour component in any home hence reduce costs while improving overall quality.  You cannot do this if you keep repeating the same thing you have done for 20 or 30 years.  What most of the construction industry has failed to recognize is that we too are in the technological age hence building is changing and will continue to do so.  If you want to create great homes then you have to study, test and experiment with an open mind to believe that, good enough is NEVER good enough!  In order to do that we have to stick our necks out from time to time to try something new but without that we are stuck in a rut.  Not exactly where I want to be.  Especially since you might want to appreciate that the only difference between a rut and a grave is just the ends.  Hence I prefer to avoid both at all costs!

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