Floor & Beam – Acacia

Floor and Laminated Beam - Acacia

Floor and Laminated Beam

6″ floor board cut from 8 year old Acacia trees
Laminated Beam in 2″ x 6″ that we typically use for rafters due to their incredible strength and most critically they come from the finca perfectly straight and will stay that way forever. This is the most critical factor in structural components as when you use solid wood you can pretty much guarantee that in every house there will be at least one piece that warps, twists or cracks. All of which obviously cause problems plus solid wood has substantially less strength than laminated offers so we win on both fronts. Montaña Paraiso, San Antonio de Escazu, Costa Rica, homes in Escazu, condominiums in Escazu, casas en Escazu, condominios en Escazu