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OXFORD Main Floor Plan


Oxford Lower d

Oxford Elevations, Montaña Paraiso, Escazu, Costa Rica

OXFORD Elevation Front & Back

OXFORD Elevation Front

OXFORD Elevation Back




Bershire Main dBerkshire_Top

Berkshire Second dBerkshire_lower

Berkshire Lower dBalmoral_Main

Balmoral Main d


Balmoral Second d



Balmoral Lower d


Cornwall Main Floor Plan - Plano Principal

Cornwall Main Floor Plan

Cornwall Second Floor Plan - Segundo Piso Plano

Cornwall Second Floor Plan

Cornwall Lower Plan - Abajo Piso

Cornwall Lower Floor PlanWindsor_Main

Winifred Main Floor (1)

Windsor Second Floor Plan - Planta Ariba, Montaña Paraiso, Escazu Costa Rica

Windsor Second Floor (2)

Front Elevation of Windsor A/B


Water House Montaña Paraiso, Escazu Costa Rica




Model Homes — 14 Comments

  1. Hi Trevor,

    Love the Balmoral design… what would it cost to build? lot and house? is a lap pool a possibility??

    Like your site. Great start.

    Debra Curry

    • The pricing table is under the menu button Lotes just scroll down and you will see the price list of various models along with the various lots such a house would fit on. So you will find the options there as it depends on which lot the house is sitting on as for this model it could fit on 3 different lots so depending on which will affect the price. There will be a lap pool about 50 meters from this house as well as a regular pool at the club house so this price would include those amenities.

      To be honest I do not recommend private pools for most people due to cost and hassle factor of looking after them. Also because we are on a mountain side the practical locations to build a pool are few and far between. The only exception might be the 3 estate properties in the project where they have 5,000 to 7,000 meter lots so any of those would have the room. Also all of those homes will be in and around $1 million in value hence those owners may place their privacy up high enough to justify those additional costs whereas others most likely would have no interest in such.

      I will also be adding the pricing table to the model tab as well in a few days as I am waiting for Michael to finish up a whole bunch more models to post on the site. These designs are basically done he is just adjusting them to have the view easier on a website. He will also be putting up others from his design collection going back over many years of work. I did these yesterday as they were ready to go so wanted them up and available asap. We of course wanted to get our new playground functioning and testing as quick as possible.

      Thanks for the kind comments and especially for being the ice breaker to get our new site and blog off the ground. It has been an interesting experience and of course a bit frustrating at the start to learn this WordPress software but all I can say is this platform is verrrry impressive. I have avoided this and now realize I should have done this months ago. I sure see why it has taken over the world. Now that I have gotten over the overload when you enter into totally unknown territory now it is turning into fun finding all the new toys to add so that it does exactly what I want. The last project I paid various people north of $4,000 to do this for me yet it was not nearly as functional as this site already is yet in its infancy. This only came alive two weeks ago and since then I have been learning, tweeking, learning, tweeking but the velocity of that is up ten fold in the last week. For those who have never done a site but always wanted to this is very doable without being a geek. The thing that frustrated the hell out of me on my contracted webmaster sites aside from the huge costs is that it sooo long to get things done and often having to explain various times where as now I just go do it and for the most part bang it is done. This is way more search friendly and all running on free software I might add. Plus it is multi-lingual and mobile friendly that is incredible. So much for getting what you paid for. That is what I wanted and being a blog one needs to have that friendly platform to work with as it is to say the least a frequent relationship.

      Thanks and have great one. Well it better be since the world ends in two days.:-)

      • Great Ebook , really informative.

        I can’t find it on the menu, do we have the current models updated, and a link to a pricing as of Dec 2013 of the different models and sizes yet?


        Rob Johnson

  2. Greetings Trevor,

    Great site, great easy-to-read very informative e-book.
    All my thanks, keep up the good work.
    See you soon.

    Happy New Year 2013.


    • Thank you Sinclair for the kind comments much appreciated. Needless to say it is rewarding to hear such reviews after all the hours spent on writing and editing and constantly updating the material for the use of people just like you.

      A Merry Christmas to you as well.


    • Garry thanks for asking but we do not have the full floor plan done on that model yet as to be honest it is not actually in our plan to work on that phase immediately as it requires us to build a whole lot of road in order to do so. Hence we would have to have commitments from at least 2 buyers to even consider moving on that phase. So that is a good six months out. Not sure what kind of schedule you have in mind. We have the one Windsor on lot 26 that is similar pricing and size at the moment and a public road ready to go. Also we have a lot of outside contracts as well so Michael just has not had the time to do the plans on a project that is not priority as far as logistics go.

  3. Thank you for some other fantastic article. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such an ideal manner of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I’m on the look for such info.

  4. Buenas tardes quisiera saber mas del proyecto, ademas quería saber si se han hecho estudios con relación a la peligrosidad de la zona con respecto a los derrumbes. De ser posible quisiera coordinar una cita con el fin de visitarlo. Gracias

  5. Hi Trevor,

    Enjoyed reading your e-book, very well laid out, with most of the contractors trick exposed.

    Great site, not from costa rica so need to locate the property to pick a site.

    Is the windsor II = to floor plan2
    Is that a Soundproof wall between Windsor planA and Windsor planB, or a Fireproof wall

    What does the elevation look like for the Windsor?



    • Thanks Roger for your comments.
      That wall done in SIPS is both soundproof and fireproof.
      Yes there is and I just added it to the page so you can now go see what it looks like.
      I am curious how did you find our site?


  6. If you are sending photos and plans of single dwelling homes, please remember that lowest possible prices are shown. The size of the lot and information about the town. Is it a gated community? Many thanks. BC

  7. thank you for your rapid response to my last e mail. I AM STILL INTERESTED IN Playa Grande area if any when a project becomes available. My wife and I are very impressed with the quality and thought going into construction of the houses and remodel you have done. Can you advise on some reliable real estate agents for site selection or community setting projects.

  8. thank you for your rapid response to my last e mail. I AM STILL INTERESTED IN Playa Grande area if any when a project becomes available. My wife and I are very impressed with the quality and thought going into construction of the houses and remodel you have done. Can you advise on some reliable real estate agents for site selection or community setting projects.

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