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New Home Standards — 18 Comments

    • Dave,
      Thank you for both your interest and your question.
      Yes we most certainly could.
      It is interesting you should ask such a question at this moment. As I state in one of our ads “we can build using our system pretty much anywhere.”
      Well as it turns out I am really having to put my money where my mouth is as our third house under contact that was just settled is in one really tough location.
      It is going to be located well up a mountainside in the south Pacific area near Coronado and Cortez. The owner has as yet to build the road going up into this retreattourism project. Hence we are going to have to pack all the materials in for the first cabin in by horse back going up a foot trail a few hundred meters.

      To say the least tough going! But only even remotely possible due to using a light weight system.

      Needless to say any heavy construction would be impossible to achieve this!

      This relates to your question as obviously your location is not easily accessible as it would amount to replacing the horses with a boat ride. At any rate indeed doable and only practically doable with such more technically sophisticated materials. I am sure not saying it would be fun and easy entertainment but yes most possible. In fact I would say SIPs is the only system that can achieve this at a much better cost than anything else yet providing a very high quality home. Actually the cost savings on the shipping and successful landing of materials would be huge as compared to all other alternatives.

      Hope you find that answer helpful as well as news to your ears.



  1. I am interested in building on a lot that I purchased 3-4 yrs ago. It is located in Manuel Antonio.Interest in a building a 3 br 2baths.
    Would you be able to build in Manuel Antonio?

    • Chris,
      Thank you for your inquiry and your visit.
      Gee you are fortunate as there is so little land available at Manual Antonio but great location and even better investment territory due to that scarcity of land around the park.
      Sure we would be most interested. In fact most of our contracts and many of our recent enquiries have come from south of you and Dominical. We have another coming up early next year at Parrita. Our system and interest in working with anyone hinges only upon the client and their interest to build in an efficient and ecological fashion. Physical location is of little to no importance to us. Also our architect Oscar has worked quite a bit in that area over the years so has dealt with the muni there that can be quite difficult hence in more difficult areas it is indeed helpful when we have someone who knows the players as it were.

      Look forward to hearing more from you and your specific plans.



  2. I am in the process of buying a property in Playa Guiones. Do you offer your services in this part of Guancaste? I am interested in building a home that is as green a possible so your construction profile interests me. However, I do have some questions. Can you go higher than 2 stories with your construction process? My design is for 2 stories of living area above garage and service buildings. I want to supply all electric needs using a solar system but will connect to the ICE power system. I will also do rainwater capture for purposes of storing landscape water and water for the swimming pool. I am also considering waste handling systems that do not require septic tanks. I reviewed your basic specification and know that I will require some higher quality windows to reduce solar isolation inside the house as there will be a large amount of glass.

  3. i have my own plans …..i would like to see if you can convert them to metros and come up
    with a cost estimate …i will be building in Domnical…..please reply soon. txs

  4. Please could you send me a price list just to buy your materials especially any larger diameter Glulam beams, SIP panels, Mgo flooring etc.

    • Sure can do Chris once we know what you are doing in essence the bigger picture. We do not just supply SIPS to anyone to do anything. We are not Home Depot or EPA order takers so when our products go to someone else other than our own projects the buyers have to have a trained crew to install such. Even though we have what we consider the best building material in the world it still must be installed correctly anything other than that serves no one in the long run neither the buyer or the provider. Plus there is more than enough horror stories of Tico construction we most certainly have no desire to be part of any new ones. You or your crew will be supervised or trained in the proper applications as per our contract until we know that all affected are competent. With those that set up a long term relationship with us for future projects we will from time to time do spot inspections when I am in the building area. Since I travel throughout the country this will be periodic when I find myself in the area of any build.

  5. I will be looking at building a 3 bedroom 2 bath home on a piece of property that i am buying in Nuevo Arenal above Lake Arenal.
    I hope to start in the next 12-18 months.

    Chuck Major

    P.S Any sample of house plans you may have on a rambler style home would be great.

    • Chuck thanks for contacting us.
      So how did you find us it is always good to know how people stumble upon us so we know what is working.
      Great area especially if you like cooler temperatures than the beach areas that attract many. Plus it never gets browned out in summer time.
      The following is our kind of basic suggestions with regards to initiating the design phase of a new home and how to start.

      First off if you have more specifics of the type/style of home you are looking for would be a big help in this process.
      Number of rooms, special uses or any special needs and what hot buttons you have as everyone has them!
      Often people come to us with a simple hand sketch and then Michael takes that germ of an idea and builds upon that.
      Another common way is looking a home designs on any of the dozens of home plan sites that are out there then once again
      Michael uses that as the starting point. We need some parameters to start with. I assume you did look under the Model Homes button on the site which does give a small sampling of what Michael has in his library as ideas that make the starting point of a custom home which by the way is all we build. We broke our cookie cutter hence do NOT do cookie cutter homes. . Also critical to this is what is the terrain of your land like. The options at the beach as you describe can go from a table top to a cliff hence we do need to know what kind of terrain would we be designing for.
      Since you are in the design phase you may also find the posting I just did today most interesting on the top right of our sidebar under Posts. This is all about a real story with one of our latest clients demonstrating what happens when such a process comes off the track especially when incompetence can be out in full force the affects on the owner can be rather devastating if bad situations are not corrected on paper prior to a shovel going into the ground.
      I would suggest we get some basic parameters and ideas set prior to your arrival here in December so that this phase is in progress. When here we have to see your lot with you as once again the post I previously mentioned

      is a vivid example of how critical it can be for a real designer to actually be on site in order to create a dream home for anyone. It is all about harvesting any special features of your property as well as diminishing negative ones then marrying those up with what you want your home to look and feel like.
      So there is some ideas and directions to head in to initiate the process.

      Chuck I hope this was helpful information for you on your Costa Rican learning curve.

      Trevor Chilton

  6. Andrea,
    Thank you so much for your inquiry.

    So where are you from exactly I could hardly fail to notice your telus address so I am expecting BC or Alberta?

    I have my home office and live in Escazu so that is up the mountainside looking down on San Jose.

    I have never heard of this project but then there is hundreds of them hidden in them thar hills of Costa Rica.
    We can play this by ear as to where I am and what is on the go when you are actually here.

    Note I am going to be out of the Central Valley more than in it for the next year. We are incredibly busy and are already booked ahead almost a year. Our current home contracts are concentrated in the south Pacific near Dominical, Manual Antonio and then way up north to Playa Grande. That is part of why we are so busy in that location and our methods restrict us not in the least plus the fact that we build the best yet most affordable home in Costa Rica. Our approach has really resonated with our type of client that comes looking for such. Of course it helps that what we do is about as common as the Rough Riders winning a Grey Cup :-)

    You are one of over a 1,000 visitors we receive each month and your message I get 1 to 4 times a week so it appears we are hitting a nerve with our prospective group of potential home buyers looking for our approach.

    One thing that would be good that since you are getting things lined up while you are here the sooner we meet the better as my 13 years of contacts and friends can help you accomplish a lot of things safely and efficiently. I kissed more than enough frogs you don’t need to too. I open my rolodex to our clients and help them in a myriad of ways that all deal with setting up a new life. I assume you read chapter 15 of my book and if you have not stop right now and do so as those are some of the most critical lessons and cautions in the book. The things that can and will really bite you in the ass. As you said “a whole new ball of wax” is a gross miss understatement when you have to go back and start and ground zero or unlearn a whole pile of your Canadian assumptions. You do know what assume will get you.

    Up until Christmas I will mostly be in the Dominical area minus a bi-weekly trip back to San Jose.

    Also prior to your trip I would recommend we have a skype conference so that we can become better acquainted as well as to test out the waters as to our chemistry as well as to learn more about your dreams and plans.

    Trevor Chilton

  7. Hi guys building just south of Tamarindo in Avellenas on a ridge 1900 feet overlooking ocean. I need a small guest house built (600-800 sq feet) 1 bdrm 1 bath small kitchenette. Dirt road makes the property accessible for materials etc. Can you really build out at $60 a sq. ft. ??? Do you have any pics of past constructions ??


    Mark McCulloch

  8. Hi, I am a carpenter who has experience building custom homes in Western Canada (1000-8000 sq.ft). As you know, winter is brutal, and while I’m framing a bungalow in -38C weather tomorrow, I’m going to be daydreaming about working in Central America next winter. I have experience forming, framing, and finishing. Would you be willing to open a dialogue either to help me directly, or to point me to an appropriate direction? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

    Mark W.

  9. I own a piece of property in pacific lots Suenos del tropicos. I have an architect and am looking for a builder. Do you build in developments?

  10. HI,

    I have a lot in Matapalo (between Tamarindo and Flamingo) that we are looking to build asap. Please advise how we can get the ball rolling in order to meet with you. I will be in Tamarindo June 15th-29th In San Jose June 13th-15th will you be available?

    Kind regards,
    Aileen Rodriguez

  11. Hello Trevor, it was great to meet up with you in Uvita last week and to see a house under construction. We were really impressed with what we seen, the Mgo panel construction was very impressive. I also noticed that your crew seemed to be a happy bunch of guys. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain virtually every aspect of how you construct homes. We are truly looking forward to having you construct our home in Parrita in the very near future. Take care, John Newton

    • John thank you for your kind comments. It was an equal pleasure to finally meet you and show you in person what was going on in Jason and Sarah’s house. I also find it interesting your brief comment about my employees some of which have been with me for 5 years by the way. Yes that is part of our formula is for our employees that make it possible to build you a home get treated well and most certainly above average for the construction industry.



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