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If you prefer to go directly to our channel on Youtube you will find a growing library of our  How To videos there which you can view in what ever size you prefer rather than what we are restricted to here on the blog.

This video is the first of a series of what I call our University on Home Building in the Tropics

Our second home of this generation is being built for Larry Smith who is an amateur videographer so here we take advantage of his skills and time to fully document the construction of his home from start to finish.

#1 – Septic Systems 101

# 2 – Concrete – Rules to a Long Lasting Foundation

# 3 – Pilings for Elevated Construction

Summary of our Platanillo Build Aug. 6, 2014 to March 23, 2015.


Now that you saw a great roof cladding lets see what happens when you end up with a crap roof cladding like Zinc Teja, metal roofing bent to sort of look like a fake tile roof.  This roofing costs 60% more to install correctly than the standard ribbed roofing we replaced it with.  I don’t see the benefit for the sake of this fake style and certainly not for the nightmares that will follow!


Panel up Phase of our build at Playa Grande showing a months progress from deck up to rafters.

Video of the Teak Phase of Playa Grande build as we put up a full teak ceiling and teak deck structure.


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